Thursday, 8 April 2010

The moral of this tale

Over the past few one of the hard-drives on my pc has had a 'ticking' noise. So, spent some money buying a BIG external hard-drive to back up all my info and an internal drive to replace the one that was on its last legs.

I arrived home, put the kettle on, and then set my husband to work - hopefully backing up before changing drives over...............too I sat and watched one of my hard-drives crackled and then set on fire. I was assured by hubby that all was well and that it was not my main drive.

After a while, I got a little bored, made another cuppa, then our evening meal and I went out as I normally do on Thursday. Returning home a couple of hours later I was told all was well and that I had a cloned hard-drive.... you know what's on one was now on the other, so all my stuff was safe - the day was as good as it was going to be today (Thursday 25th April 2010)

I could not wait to try out my new back-up drive, even though I knew it would take an age to transfer. You know how it is, you know how it works but you still just want to check - you do don't you !! So, click on 'D' drive looking for my website and all my photographs of memorials, churchyards etc collected over many years of days out here and there and a few holidays, but none were to be found. At this point panic was turning into P.A.N.I.C. and a rather large shout downstairs enquiring where all my stuff was, only to be told quite calmly 'it's all there, look in the right place'. After that I shouted again and asked if it had been all put inside another folder? I seem to remember a series of mutters as he climbed the stairs, still don't know exactly what was said.

The day at this point had only two hours left and was seriously going into melt down as hubby finally admitted or realised the 'flaming' circuit board had been my main drive.

Nothing could console me as I fell into silence and a state of mourning for my website, family tree info and all my thousands of war memorial, cemetery images that had been part of my life for so long.

After a while I checked 'C' drive as that was where Windows was placed and all my programmes family tree was safe and well and so were a small amount of my pictures.

I watched television, but took nothing in, flicked from chanel to chanel only to find nothing that could make the situation even the smallest amount better.

By Sunday I had become resigned to the fact that the drive would be sent away for ressurection and I would be a little lighter in the bank. Ben, must have known something was wrong as by Sunday afternoon he popped his head around the door and told me he had read on the internet, so it must be true, of a possible answer to my plight and he set to work.

Later that evening, the world was a beautiful place as all was restored to its former glory, everything was backed-up and my state of mourning had gone.

So take note..........

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