Friday, 22 October 2010

New additions - yes its a boring title!

Can you cope, or can I, two entries within a week !

The other day I told you of my Family History Diary and today I have to mention a new addition - the Interview Diary and that can also be found on the shop at The booklet is an easy way to keep your interview records together, forget about using the shorthand pad ! Included are 21 relative questions that will add family and social history to your growing information + a list of things not to forget and extra questions. A good add-on to the Family History Diary.

Tonight the following have been uploaded either as new files or amendments

Oct 2010
Pihen le Guines CWGC Military Cemetery, France. Photographs of all the headstones. This a quite small cemetery set in the main part of the village. You enter via a grassed path to the small section behind village houses, then pass down a further grass path behind further houses and the cemetery is set behind the village school - peaceful and poignant, the quietness of resting souls and the happy laughter and chatter of children floating on the breeze

Oct 2010
Esquelbecq CWGC Military Cemetery, France - every headstone set into 7 galleries. NOTE : this will take time to load due to the large number of images contained.

Oct 2010
Extra information incl a military citation + images for Woburn War Memorial.

At the moment am working on 2 war memorials that were photographed on Heritage weekend and they will be uploaded soon - well once I have copied the information and handed it over to the church/village group.

Well, I think that's enough for now

See you all later

Friday, 15 October 2010

More additions

Yes, I know it's been a while since I put fingers to keyboard but I have a good excuse, well I think it's good !! You know the saying 'tomorrow never comes', well its true it never does, as I've been saying that I will do an entry on my blog tomorrow and you're still waiting for my tomorrow to come...........well it is finally tomorrow!

There have been a few entries to the site including the following war memorial transcripts :- Taddington ; Chinley ; North Duffield Methodist Church and Appledore.

There are 3 full CWGC cemeteries awaiting their final process to put them into a photo gallery and still a lot of more transcribing sat in files on my pc awaiting their transcribing turn.

But, the most important addition is the Family History Diary - An A4 or A5 Family History Research Booklet

These A4 or A5 40 page booklets are printed on quality 120gsm paper offer a simple and easy way to organise your research. They are handy and an easily transportable way to keep your information at hand when visiting Archives, Libararies and even relatives.

No longer is there the need to be laden down with files and lose papers while researching.

The centrally held family tree forms the core of your work with each 'couple' having a unique page number - a simple and quick way to find who you need without flicking through the pages.

The page for each couple has sections for the name of the couple with dates and places for birth, death and burials with 'tick boxes' so you can see at a glance if you have a birth, marriage and death certificate for the couple.The marriage information also has a section along with spaces for 12 children and their relevant details.

The census is the next important fact to be included from 1841 up to the current 1911 census - space is also available for the address and the census reference, which is also a boon when wanting to follow up or print the information at a later date.

As well as a notes section at the front of the booklet the back of the booklet has pages for monumental inscriptions, including such information as where the headstone is, a brief description and most importantly, the wording.

The booklets are in a choice of colours and size - if using more than one booklet for different sides of the family you can now have a specific colour to a family.

Now it's even easier to transfer the newly found information to your main way of storing your family history, be it a computer, database or card system.

All in all a good tool for the beginner or more experience researcher.

The Family History Diary is available from the shop and there are discounts for family history groups/ societies or classes - email me for these at

So you can see even though the site has not been added to greatly, somethings have been going on in the background.

So keep a look out for the CWGC galleries that are coming soon and a new booklet that is coming very they say watch this space