Thursday, 11 March 2010

The snow has gone !!!

As I sit writing to you, the sun is shining and it is a glorious spring day. The snow has gone, which means my car can come out of hibernation and Ben's car (the fire engine) can now have a rest.

During the past few months the bird feeding station has been working overtime and it was on occasion funny to watch the poor birds hunting for dropped seed in the snow and the squirrels hunting for their secreted dinner. Oh! and the foxes, they are back after being away for years. It was so nice to look out of the kitchen window and see two foxes playing in the show - running around the garden, stopping and then charging off chasing each other.

The snow was a godsend to the website as during the past few months I have uploaded quite a few memorials gathered from last years visit to Scotland and a few days on the south coast. The new pages can be found on the 'What's new' page of Wakefield Family History Sharing. But I will list a few examples :- Dewsbury South African War Memorial ; Carrbridge, Inveress-shire War Memorial ; Forest Row War Memorial and memorial from inside Holy Trinity Church + memorials from East Grinstead, including those inside the church ; Beauley memorials ; Blair Atholl ; Advie, Avoch and many more + there are many more to do - keep me busy.

Since Christmas I've moved my 'office' into the loft and Ben has now taken over my old space for his 'music' room. I still cannot believe how much stuff I managed to squeeze into a small space. I still have to sort some things out but I have books I now can see, printers I can reach and scanners also within easy reach. I have also a work table to house my sewing machine, a big tv with dvd and a large settee for visitors - not that I get any in the loft, but if I did they would be very welcome and I would supply oxygen !

A couple of weeks ago we made a trip to London for our daughters London engagement party and just while we were there I managed to snap a few memorials from around the Staines, Windsor area. The following week I drove down for a girly weekend - you know mum and daughter days.

We caught the train into London and it just so happens that as I walked out of the station there were a couple of memorials - well what luck and I just had to photograph them, it would be a shame to waste the opportunity.

But after that it was a trip to the London eye and then afternoon tea just off Leicester Square - sandwiches, fresh scones with jam and clotted cream + other fancy cake, what more could you ask for ?

Last weekend the children, sorry that's wrong, but you can't say 'the adults came up for the weekend' can you, came home to celebrate three birthdays. Up until the evening before we had no idea where we were going - a quick google for 'fine dining in Wakefield' came up with just the right place - yes, you can fine dine in Shakey Wakey!! I won't tell you where it is as I don't want it to get fully booked when we go again, but I will say its a 10 minute drive from the town centre. The pate was superb and the lamb, done to a tee with pickled walnuts. Pudding, I have never seen Eton Mess on a menu before. I've made it at home, but it was so nice to see it in a restaurant and it was fantastic.

Yesterday evening another photo gallery, Hensall, was handed over to one of my technical directors - Ben, for him to do his bit to make it web-ready. While he was doing that I started and completed the Dallow Gill churchyard photo gallery.

I'd better go now, there is a cup of tea awaiting me and so are a lot of partially completed web pages, so keep checking in on Wakefield Family History Sharing as things are always being added too.

See you later


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