Tuesday, 20 October 2009

October activities

I seem to photograph War Memorials a lot quicker than I can transcribe the wording and find out who the young men were. But then again, I don't tend to venture far when the nights draw in and the outside gets cold, windy and either very damp or wet, so that gives me some time to gather all the info together.

I've spent some photographing time in Sussex via Kent with bits of Surrey thrown in for good measure.........and some parts of the south are not all that bad !!!!!!!!!! I only found one place that I would avoid like the plague.......Crawley......what a place and the worlds rudest driver.

Saying that it was nice and a very pleasant surprise to find churches open, but I'm still amazed to find that the churches in towns that have volunteers to keep an eye on them do not know what is on their walls. I went to find one war memorial, place shall remain nameless, and asked a lady walking towards the parish church where it was....I was told....and I asked is the church open and is there any memorials inside. She did not know but after photographing the memorial went inside and asked.........as I walked in I saw some wording on the panelling behind the doors - guess what it was a pair of private memorials. I continued on inside and saw my lady from the outside and after being greeted asked were there any memorials inside..... Oh! no idea was the answer. I said I had found the ones behind the doors. It was then that one lady said Oh, yes we have those ! Sometimes I wonder why I ask and don't just walk around myself.

I did on my quest find two very nice memorials, both I think in East Grinstead.

Anyway, while ever I sit and write this its not getting the transcribing done, now is it ??

I have hundreds of War Memorials photographed but not yet transcribed, if you want to contact me to see if the memorials with a family connection are in my 'waiting folder' etc., I'd be happy to make that a priority

Happy hunting

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